Happyning Party-Crashing Software

This Crazy Brand New Party-Crashing Application Is Actually Cool, Creepy… And Will Most Likely Get Banned

Do you like Vegas? Do you love bachelorette functions? Do you realy love being that man that shows up to an epic party without being invited? Well, now there’s an app obtainable. Presenting Happyning, an app that crowdsources hashtags from Instagram to offer a passport into another existence.

By simply getting the software, you can actually find raging events, blunders, and other wild antics to give you plus friends into. By crowdsourcing inwomen looking for men to fuckmation, hashtags, and photographs that vanish after a couple of hours, Happyning gives you a one-way ticket to what could be the most exciting nights your life. For anybody who has got ever desired to live-out their dream of being in or if you just need an excellent party, this is the personal software that will be guaranteed to change minds at the subsequent happy hour.