How to Have Sex on Your Period

When it comes to making love on your period, you should continue to keep a few items in mind. 1st, it’s best to make sure that you will absolutely having sex having a consenting spouse. During your period, your cervix is more wide open, making it more most likely that you’ll get an infection. The second thing is, it is recommended to wear a condom, regardless if you’re not specific if your partner will figure out.

To avoid bleeding while you have sex, you can use a menstrual cup or maybe a menstrual compact disk. While these kinds of won’t stop your partner out of having sex, you’ll be wanting to be sure to get the tampon afterward. You may also use a dark towel to prevent unattractive stains. Another great suggestion is to use a shower after having sex. The shower will wash away blood that comes out during intercourse.

You may also use lube to improve the lubrication. Although period blood is a organic lubricant, it could possibly still experience dry, especially if you are using condoms. If you choose to use lube, be sure to pick a silicone or water-based an individual. Avoid oil-based lube, as it will damage condoms. Another good alternative is to use a silicone clitoral stimulators. However , remember that silicone adult toys are prone to disregarding and should only be used with water-based lube. Furthermore to lubricant, be sure to see the position with the cervix while having hookup sites sex. During your period, the anatomy of your cervix changes a little bit. This will impact how you feel during penetration.


Menstruation does not have to prevent you from making the most of sex – in fact , it’s often more enjoyable than sex about any other moments of the month. If you know how to procedure your spouse, you’re certain to be able to get pleasure from having sex no matter when it’s your period.