Plans and Pricing

The BASIC and PLUS packages are comprehensive criminal background checks that provide a balance between cost and comprehensiveness.  Depending on the state that you are located in, different requirements apply. If your church is located in a state where we recommend “Plus,” but you only run “Basic” searches, it opens you up to missing important records. Use the online consultation system to see which package is recommended for your state.

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The SSN search validates the SSN that a particular applicant provides. The SSN search is vital to verifying the identity of an individual, alias names and any previous addresses. All alias names found are searched on the national database and sex offender registries, in addition to the applicant name provided.

The National Criminal Database search has the potential to identify certain crimes that may have occurred outside any addresses found on the SSN search. The national search is not recommended as a stand-alone service in every state due to the limitations of the data being queried.

The sex offender search will identify if an applicant is listed on a particular sex offender registry. The sex offender search is critical to identifying any prior sex offenses.

All hits found on the national database and sex offender registries are re-verified for accuracy in compliance with the FCRA.

The PLUS includes everything in the BASIC Package search, plus:

The criminal court search is a name check for any criminal history (felony and misdemeanors where available), at the county or state level. Due to the fact that a majority of crimes occur within the jurisdiction of an individual’s home address, the county criminal search or statewide criminal search should be ordered based on the most current address history of the applicant, or the address with the longest residence within the past 7 years.

All services ordered should be related to the actual job descriptions and functions of the particular applicant’s job.

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