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Small Business INSURANCE

“It’s better to prepare and prevent than repair and repent.” This is a fun little saying that really sums up risk management in a nut shell. Life has two types of risks:

Pure, where the only outcome is loss. Fire, lighting strike, hail storm, tornado, etc. fall into this category. Speculative where the outcome can be loss, gain or no change. Risk management only deals with pure risk and, believe it or not, there is an ARRT© to using risk management.

At the GLS Insurance Group, we have spent a number of years making the ARRT© of risk management easy to understand and use in your ministry. While this sounds good, we have even better news for you; insurance companies are now giving better pricing to organizations that use good risk management tools.

Give them a call today for more details on how you can benefit from using proven risk management planning in your business operations.